Stunning 5 month old Potter.

Hi James

Hope you are well. I wanted to share some of the 5 month photos we took this weekend of Potter (aka Flash from June 3rd litter).

There is a common word people use when they meet Potter – ‘Stunning’ and they are not wrong. 🙂 He is such a joy and brings us so much happiness. Harry’s laughter as they play is priceless

Carol Watts

Nahla (1)


Dear James and Suzanne,

 Firstly we would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

 Can’t believe how fast this year has gone. I wanted to give you an update on Nahla ( Panda from your January litter ).

 To say she has blessed us and truly exceeded our expectations is an understatement. Nahla has to be the most gentle, goofy, insightful, intelligent, social, loving dog we have ever known. 

 Training wise, Nahla completed her puppy basic training class in her first 6 weeks with us. She then completed puppy 101 and 102 with positive training. The summer she went to North Georgia K9 and stayed for 2 weeks completing her Intermediate Obedience Certification and finally her Advance Obedience in September. Nahla will be spending a week with NGK9 first week in Jan for her Environmental Training. She is also getting ready to be certified in Good Citizen Canine so she can train for therapy work in the new year. She loves the training team at K9 and get so excited when we turn onto the dirt road towards their facility. They are an amazing team of trainers and I would very highly recommend them. 

 Nahla loves water – whether a hose, a puddle, the rain, our shower, a paddling pool, even the neighbors pool she will jump in any chance she can. She goes to the dog park several times a week and just enjoys running and playing with the other dogs. She loves to come running with me now too. She loves her kisses, cuddles and especially loves going into Nicole’s room in the morning to wake her up and laying in bed with her. She has a huge bin full of toys which she adores. She will dig around until she finds the right one she wants to play with. When she was little we used to hang her toys from the top inside of her crate, like a jungle gym. 

 She loves going out in the car and comes along on most of our errands. She loves going into Home Depot, Lowe’s and the local pet stores, all the staff know her and love her up each week. We take her to Helen, her favorite German town :), she goes hiking with me and loves the waterfalls. She is great with babies in strollers, loves playing around with the neighborhood kids and is happy being stroked by the elderly. She has the most perfect temperament, exactly why it took us 5 years to find her.

 Nahla has done really well with our three kitty’s, Alex being her best buddy. He lays with her all the time. Had to rescue his head out of her mouth from time to time, but she is only playing and he always comes back for more lol. We have noticed when she has encountered a nervous or shy dog that she will lay down with her head on the ground, totally non threatening to calm the other dog. She is so gentle and sweet. We are continually being complimented on her great behavior, her coloring and coat.  

 She knows most things we say to her, probably because we talk to her all day long ;). She tilts her head from side to side all the time. Everyone adores seeing her do that.

 Nahla is my shadow, wherever I am she is there too. She smiles all the time. Couldn’t imagine life without her.

 I have attached a few photo’s for you to see how beautiful she is. In the new year I plan on putting together a compilation of her first year photos which I can send you. 

 Thank you so much for Nahla, she makes each day wonderful to us and everyone she meets. We fall in love with her every day.

 Merry Christmas,




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Andrew & Virginia Fisher
Doraville GA





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